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learn autocad

learn autocad

The AutoCAD course is a complete PDF with exercises from start to output and printing

Autocad could be a free autocad course. The book explains autocad from begin to end and printing through ten lectures and every lecture among exercises to coach on what you learned. the subsequent is Associate in Nursing excerpt of the content The book and therefore the content of every lecture and below you discover links to transfer the book of the course AutoCAD PDF links directly.

Content of the autocad course

Professional Autocad Course pdf Our topic nowadays consists of (92) pages divided into ten lectures instructed by the tyro in 10 days taught by Autocad from the start till the skilled Valkurs as is that the course Autocad for beginners is additionally a course AutoCAD professional takes you a degree towards the expertness of AutoCAD as a result of each lecture there are exercises The trainee should draw at the tip of every lecture to coach on what he has learned and to you the contents of the lectures as follows:

First day

Introducing the program, front, strips, basic commands, windows, keyboard and mouse uses in AutoCAD
- rationalization of basic orders like (Line - Circle - Arc - Modify - Erase)
Hand Drawing

the second day

Command Line, Line formation, Rectangle, Move & Copy,
Hand Drawing

the third day

(Polyline Drawing - polygonal shape Drawing - friedcake Drawing - Rotate - Trim - Offset - Extend Lines
Hand Drawing

the fourth day

(Ellips - oval Drawing - Spline Drawing - Multiline Drawing - Fillet - Chamfer)
Hand Drawing

The fifth day

Command (Point purpose - Draw the cloud Revcloud - coping with blocks Block - matrix command)
Hand Drawing

the sixth day

Command (properties of parts - layers - extension of stretch - scale scale)
Hand Drawing

the seventh day

Command (Hatch - Gradient - Text Command - Align - Lengthen)
Hand Drawing

The eighth day

Command (EXplode - Leader - Dimension - Dim Boundary - Style)
Hand Drawing

Day Nine

- Utilities
- Properties
- Move components from a file to a file
Layers arrangement
Hand Drawing

Day 10

Hand Drawing

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